Would You Like A Slice Of Chocolate On Your Sandwich. Yes Please!


We live in a world full of food, and there are almost too many options to choose from at times. For many of us, however, the choosing will stop when we get to chocolate, because it is always on the menu! When you see the chocolate in this post, you will also want to run straight to the bakery and grab some bread.

Although it may seem strange at first, because most of us put slices of cheese on bread, the slices of chocolate are absolute perfection. It isn’t going to take much to convince you that these chocolate slices are not only here for now, they are here to stay.

This little culinary invention comes about thanks to the Japanese. Just look at what they have done:


The Japanese company, Bourbon, began selling chocolate slices packaged like Sandwich cheese. Each slice of chocolate is 2 mm thick.


When you check out Bourbon’s online shop, you will find that you can order these sweet slices in bulk. They come in five slice packs and you can purchase 12 for Â¥3240. That’s $27 to you and me.


The chocolate used to make the slices is intense in flavour and soft enough to be pliable.


You don’t have to use the slices on bread. You can put them on crackers or even roll them up in a Swiss roll! Once you have your hands on a pack, you will be in chocolate heaven.


How about wrapping the outside of your favourite fruit and popping them in the fridge for a midafternoon snack?

Delicious and amazing looking


The chocolates come in these interesting packages. They look just like cheese slices.


You can even melt them so they are gooey and sweet


Are you ready for some chocolate slices? I know we are!


Via: Aunty Acid

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