Do You Know How to Use an Oven Drawer? I Bet You Don’t!


I’m sure we have all seen information about appliances we may have in the kitchen that we don’t quite know how to use properly. We do get by from one day to the next, but once we understand the truth about those appliances, it really can make a difference in our life. For example, do you know how to properly use an oven? You might be surprised with the answer.

Most ovens come with a single drawer underneath and that is where people store everything from cookie sheets to pots and pans. In fact, it is likely that you have struggled with getting it closed because the handles tend to get in the way. Did you realise that the oven drawer is not actually meant for storage? This is going to blow your mind.

The oven drawer in most ovens is actually a warming drawer. Rather than storing pots and pans, it is meant to store food that you have already made to keep it warm while you make the rest of the meal. As an example, if you are making a turkey dinner, you might keep the mashed potatoes warm while the turkey finishes cooking. The possibilities are practically endless.


Perhaps you noticed how warm the cookie sheets or frying pans are when the oven has been on for a while. That is an indication as to what is possible when you use the oven drawer properly.

There are humidity controls in the oven drawer, and that allows you to keep your food warm without drying it out. It is also perfect for warming up bread.

It is not possible to actually cook in the warming drawer, because bacteria can grow at lower temperatures. That is why it is not the best choice for slow cooking some raw chicken.

You may still find it convenient to use the oven drawer for storage. Just make sure you don’t store anything flammable or meltable. That could really cause a mess.

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