The Cucamelon Is An Adorable Summer Food You Need To Try


We live in a day and age when people tend to look at food differently. It is more than just something that they eat in order to stay nourished, they try to make it look nice so they can post pictures on social media. Of course, there are times when you have something interesting come across your plates, such as the cucamelon. It is perhaps the most unique piece of fruit I’ve ever seen growing on the face of the earth.


The Cucamelon is a type of cucumber, but it has a citrus like flavor. It is found in Central America and Mexico and is known as a Mexican sour gherkin or mouse melon. They are about the size of a grape but they look like baby watermelons.

You can find them at some farmers markets but you might also consider growing your own. The establish roots easily and blossom without too much difficulty. Once it starts bearing fruit, it will yield many adorable cucamelons.


We think that eating them like grapes is the best way to do it but you can also add them to salads. Some people make them into pickles or you can use them as a garnish.


Via: Huffington Post

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