8 Vegetables You Can Buy Once and Grow Forever


I absolutely love vegetables and I make sure they are on the menu at every meal. Not only are they delicious when they are prepared properly, they are also great for a healthy body. It’s the best thing you can do to make sure your family is getting their daily dose of goodness.

Although most people would agree that veggies are good for you, they might also balk at the prices. After all, most families are trying to stick to a budget and the price of produce can ruin your grocery allotment fairly quickly. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Plants have something going for them that is not available elsewhere in your local market. They have the possibility of regenerating and growing to provide an ongoing harvest. All you have to do is buy it one time, eat it and plant what remains. Do it right and you will never run out of veggies again.

here are 8 of those vegetables you can buy one time and regrow forever.

1. Spring Onions: These delicious and nutrient dense vegetables are easy to grow at home. Put the roots underwater, make sure they have enough light and transfer to soil hen they begin to grow.


2. Garlic: Undoubtedly one of the healthiest additions to any food in the kitchen. Plant larger cloves directly in the ground with the roots attached. Try the shoots, they are great!


3. Bok Choy: Yes, even Chinese Cabbage can be grown at home. Put the roots under water and leave them in a room with plenty of light. They will be ready to be potted within a week or so


4. Carrots: Place the carrot tops in water and watch the magic happen


5. Basil: Like many herbs, basil is easy to grow at home. Place some of the herb in water and put it on the windowsill. Within a few days you can replant them in your garden or in a pot in the house.


6. Celery: Cut the base from the celery and put it in warm water. Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight and before you know it, new stalks will grow from the center. Transplant to the ground to keep it growing.


7. Romaine Lettuce: Similar to growing celery, soak the root end in water until new growth begins. You can then transplant it to the soil


8. Cilantro: Put the stalks in water. When they start growing, transfer them to soil.


The method for growing these veggies is similar from one plant to another. Keep things simple and have fun. It may take some time to get the hang of it but once you do, it will pay off big time.

Via: Wimp.com

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