19 Ways to Make Your Day at the Beach Much Better


There is nothing quite like spending a day at the beach. Between the warm sunshine, the water and the fun, it is difficult not to walk away with a big smile on your face. It’s a break that all of us need, but there are also some things you can do to improve that day even more.

Getting away from it all can certainly be therapeutic. You don’t need to go long distance in order to enjoy it, a simple day at a nearby lake or, if available, a day at the local beach is going to make a difference. That difference will be felt from the inside out and will be clear for all to see.

These 19 different tips can help you to make more out of your day at the beach.

1. Mesh Bag – Just shake out the bag when you’re done for the day and leave the sand at the beach.


2. Mesh Laundry Basket – You can also haul the children’s toys to the beach in a mesh laundry basket.


3. Sponge Leis – This is an awesome idea and when you’re not in the water, they keep you cool.

4. Tent – A tent provides the perfect place to relax and keeps the sun off everyone


5. Baby powder – Use baby powder to keep sand from sticking to the feet.

6. Put a sheet down in the back of your car to haul your gear


7. Freeze water bottles to keep them cool all day long


8. Apply sunblock before you leave home. You will be ready to hit the beach so you can get right in the water.


9. Write a reminder of when to reapply your sunscreen.


10. Bring along some aloe vera ice cubes to soothe a sunburn

11. Make sure you bring baby wipes. They are perfect for cleaning sunblock off your hands


12. Put condiments in a muffin tin and cover it with plastic wrap


13. Use cupcake liners to keep sand out of cups


14. Elmer’s glue makes fun sun tattoos


15. Use some handy clips to keep your towel from flying around


16. A fitted sheet works great as well


17. An unused diaper is great for storing valuables


18. Bring an inflatable along to keep little ones out of the waves


19. Blow air into a balloon to get water out of your ears.


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