11 Baking Charts That Will Make Your Life In The Kitchen So Much Easier


For centuries, people have enjoyed baking. The way it is done has changed over the years but the desire to bake has not changed. Today, we have many conveniences, such modern stoves and other appliances. We also have the Internet, and most of us couldn’t live without it when we are working in the kitchen.

The source for many people who love baking is Pintrest. Without the easy to use conversion charts and other guides available on that website, some of our kitchen masterpieces would be less enjoyable.

That is why we have put together the top 11 Pintrest baking charts in one convenient location. You’ll be happy you have them the next time the mood to bake strikes.

1. Baking Temp. Chart


A slight change in temperature can have a huge impact on your cakes. Make sure you check this chart before making one.

2. Baking pans


There are so many different options, but this baking pan chart helps to cut through the confusion.

3. Lattice pie crust


Take your pies to the next level with this graphic walk-through of how to do the perfect pie lattice

4. Sugar types


From granulated sugar to honey and maple syrup, don’t sweeten anything without checking this sugar chart first

5. Cut your recipes and half


Not ready for a whole cake? Use this handy chart to cut your ingredients in half quickly and easily.

6. Blender attachments


Your blender can be your best friend in the kitchen. Be sure you use the right attachment for the right job.

7. Healthy substitute


Do you want to enjoy some baking without sacrificing your health? Eat clean with this easy to use substitution chart.

8. Chocolate chip cookies


Tollhouse cookies have been a staple for years. Before you make your next cookie with chocolate chips in it, check this chart first

9. Baking conversions


If you love reading food blogs from the United States but you want your measurements to be understood in the UK, this chart comes in handy.

10. Vegan eating


Trying to cut eggs from your diet? Use these substitutions instead.

11. Frosting


You have the frosting tips, now you know what they look like when you use them.

Via: Tip Hero

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