Her Neighbours Kept Looking Into Her Yard So She Built A Wall


The world that we live in certainly has changed in recent years. Today, it feels as if nothing is private because people tend to share photos on social media and at times, we may feel as if our privacy is nonexistent. Seclusion is also something that seems to have gone by the wayside, especially when you consider the fact that anyone can search on Google and see a picture of your home.

Although we may be dealing with privacy issues in this way, we still want to think that we have at least a little bit of privacy inside of our homes and in our garden. Many of us have put a lot of work into our garden and we want to be able to enjoy it without having everyone in the neighbourhood looking in on us while we are doing so.

Kfoster, an Imgur user, had a similar problem and although she had a fence around her yard, she was still quite visible to the neighbourhood. Rather than paying for a new fence, she found an ingenious way to overcome the problem.


This is the way her yard used to look. There was the fence but if somebody wanted to look in, it wouldn’t be difficult.

The first thing she did was drill down four 16 foot posts

She kept the posts level and set them in cement. She then went about taking the tops off with a reciprocating saw.

Heavy top beams were installed

Framing was created to cover the wall

After the frame was established, deck boarding was added to the front and back of the wall. In that way, the neighbours would not need to look at the framing.

Grooves were cut for the windows

Frames for the windows were added

Glass was added and then frosted for maximum privacy

A trellis was added to the wall to add some beauty

After some string lights were put up, the project was complete.

It gives her the privacy she desires

Via: Little Things

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