Her Father Removed The Screws From Daughter’s Door And Now She Is Safer


We are certainly not limited when it comes to security options. In fact, we may choose from anything from alarms and special lighting to security cameras and deadbolts. Regardless of how much we happen to do, however, there are still going to be times when burglars break into our homes. When a burglar does break in, it often leaves us feeling violated, frightened and perhaps even angry.

Most of all, however, it keeps us from feeling safe in our homes. There are a number of different precautions we can take to our homes to ensure that they are as secure as possible. You may not have considered this simple idea, but it may just be the one that keeps you from becoming the victim of a home robbery.


Mariana Harrison moved into her first apartment and her father came over with a screwdriver and a nice piece of advice. She was so moved by his helpful hint that she recorded it on Facebook.

My dad gave me this advice a long time ago when I moved into my first apartment. He even came out and changed the screws for me as soon as I moved in. Someone else recently posted about it and I thought I would share!

A good home security tip that you may have never thought about…. Most contractors install the plates with the supplied screws which are only a half inch long and come out with one kick by a burglar. He installed 4 inch screws in their place that go through the door frame and into the framing of the house. They can kick for a long time before they get tired! You can see in the picture the screw in his hand is the screw supplied with the door hardware. Making a burglar make a bunch of noise and be foiled in their initial plan can not only give you time to arm yourself but they will most likely move on to an easier target.

It may seem like a simplistic hint but it is absolutely brilliant.


Here are a few more security tips you may want to consider.

Make sure that you take advantage of the locks on your windows and doors. Never forget to secure the latch.

Make sure that you shed some light on the situation because a hidden, dark entry is the perfect conditions for a break-in. Keep the lights on, even during the night and install motion sensors through the property. Light timers are also a great idea.

If you have large windows, make sure that you don’t allow people to see anything that is valuable on the inside.

Finally, if you have a security system, show off the security sign. It may just be enough of a deterrent to keep them from trying to break in.


You can view these additional security tips in this video:

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