FINALLY: LEGO Has Created The Perfect Anti-LEGO Slippers For Parents


There is something that almost all parents need to endure from the time that they have young children, and that is the horrible pain associated with stepping on a Lego. If you have a Lego child in your home, you understand that it is a rite of passage to step on one. That doesn’t mean, however, that you want to do it regularly.

The people who created Legos were not in business to irritate parents, so they came up with an idea that would keep those adults happy. It is a wonderful pair of anti-Lego slippers that will help to protect your feet from any of the Lego pieces that happen to be lying around.

Not only is it amazing that they came up with this idea, it’s also amazing that they did so, even though they’ve been a wildly successful toy for over six decades. I guess it’s never too late to improve on a good thing.







Via: Aunty Acid

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