Finally: A Chair That Cuddles You All Night Long


Many of us enjoy the feeling of being cuddled and if you fall into that category, you have reason to celebrate. After all, a student in Moscow has come up with the ultimate design for this dream lounge chair. Known as “The Inchworm,” it is made up of a metal spline and a plush cushion. The spline acts like a gutter and it folds the cushion in two.

This chair can be thought of as the little cousin of the taco chair, which actually folds in two. The taco chair is used as a heavyweight sleeping bag. The Inchworm looks like it may allow for some productivity because it doesn’t envelope you, it just cups you gently.


You can use this chair both indoors and outdoors. It’s perfect for a nap in the sun or an evening of Netflix. In either case, it will wrap you in the lap of luxury and support you as you relax to the max.

H/T: Refinery29

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