18 Awesome Inventions For Kids That Were Created For Adults


It doesn’t take much looking in the world around us to recognise that humans have a knack for inventing rather unusual things. At times, they may be for a specific group of individuals and when they are put into practice, it can really make a difference in their lives. That is the case with these inventions, but they do more than simply target a specific group.

These inventions are unique gadgets that are awesome for kids. In fact, many of them were made for children but the fact of the matter is, it is the parents who are really going to benefit from them. Take a look down through the list and if you are a parent or grandparent, you will quickly recognise that your life will not be complete until you have these at your disposal.


Illuminated Balls

No more being afraid of the dark at night

Smart changing pad

When your baby is on this changing pad, you can measure their height and weight, check on their food schedule and daily routine using your smartphone

Compact stroller

It may look like a normal stroller, but when you fold it up, it becomes quite compact. Since it only weighs 4 kg, it is very convenient for use.

Translating a child’s cries

The infant cries translator offers 4 different reasons why your newborn baby might be crying and it has an accuracy rate of 92%. Those reasons are because of a pending nappy change, tiredness, pain or hunger. As the child gets older, it becomes less accurate but it still may be accurate enough to use.

Self-Feeding Bottle

This bottle will heat up your child’s drink anywhere and it doesn’t need electric cables. It takes only four minutes using a single use cartridge that contain salt and water. It reaches a maximum temperature of 37°C

Safety bracelet

Losing a child is an absolute nightmare but with the safety bracelet, it is far less likely to happen. It is similar to a wristwatch and it connects to a smartphone app. At a glance, you can determine the location of your child and if the child moves out of tracking radius, you receive a warning signal.

Thermometer sticker

You can check your child’s temperature when they get sick using the sticker. It is highly accurate and you can put it on without disturbing their sleep. It even monitors the temperature on an ongoing basis, allowing for warnings through a smartphone app.

Smart toothbrush

This toothbrush connects to the phone with Bluetooth and your child can get a 3-D look at what is taking place while they are brushing their teeth. They can earn prizes and points by brushing their teeth properly


It can be painful to take your first steps when you’re a baby but these kneepads help to protect their sensitive skin

Fun plates

These plates turn dinner into a game

A feeding bottle and spoon

This device is both a spoon and a feeding bottle. It is convenient for life on the go and you can even seal the food that wasn’t eaten until a later time

Pacifier and teether

You can store this pacifier and teether in the fridge and wash it in the dishwasher. It can soothe all of the guns simultaneously

Sound and video projector

This is great for helping your child to fall asleep. It casts soothing pictures on the ceiling and plays sounds or a lullaby

Feeding set

If you have a child that doesn’t want to eat, you can use this playful feeding set to feed them.

Clothing with activity monitor

The built-in device in the special clothing monitors your child’s breathing activity and lets you know how good they are sleeping at night. The device looks like a turtle on their clothing and passes information to your smartphone

Fun container for toys

This frog shaped container allows you to scoop up all the bath toys in a single movement. You can then attach it to the wall for later use

Automated baby rocker

This device will rock your baby for you. You attach it on the handle of the stroller and then do what you need to do

A bed for parents

Enough said

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