13 Unique Uses For Towel Bars At Home That You HAVE To Try


There are many DIY projects that we may consider doing around the home. Some of them are going to be larger projects, requiring a considerable amount of time and resources to complete. Others, however, are going to be fairly easy to do and the only thing they require is a little bit of financial output, some creativity and some elbow grease. That is what you are about to see in these projects.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a home or an apartment, there are certain items that just seem to be universally included. One of those items is the towel bar, something that we use in the bathroom and perhaps by the sink in the kitchen to hang towels. Although that may be what they are used for in the traditional sense, there are actually many other options that can be considered as well.


Sometimes, it only takes a little bit of inspiration and before you know it, you can do almost anything that you want to do. Imagine being able to use a towel bar for a variety of uses throughout the home and you discover that it is actually the perfect way to do so! That is what you are about to discover. A towel bar is more than an area where you hang a towel, it is an amazing piece of equipment that is inexpensive and can be used throughout the home for many uses. Here are 13 for your consideration:

1. Yoga mat storage

If you like to do yoga, you likely have a few mats lying around. Stop tossing them in a corner. Use a few towel bars and you can make a holder that is ideal for your needs.

2. Toiletries

Towel bars can be used in the bathroom but that doesn’t mean that they HAVE to hold the towels. You can hang a few towel bars for wire baskets and give yourself some extra storage for toiletries.

3. Scarves

If you love scarves, it can be tricky to organise them neatly so that you can see what you have available. Simply use a towel bar and some scarf rings and before you know it, you have an awesome way to organise your scarves.

4. Pots and pans

You can save cabinet space when you create your own kitchen storage using towel bars. Put them on a wall or the side of the cabinet to hang your pots and pans.

5. Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper quickly becomes disorganised and messy. You can keep them from unraveling by hanging them vertically on a towel bar.

6. Cleaning products

If the space under your sink is cluttered with cleaning products, hanging a towel bar over the door of your under sink cabinet. You can then hang the bottles up and out of the way.

7. Kitchens

You can use a towel bar in the kitchen for, of all things, hanging towels! It is an ideal option that can help to keep things neat and convenient in the kitchen.

8. Jewelry

Don’t let your jewelry get tangled. Hang them on a towel bar for easy access.

9. Crafts

You can keep all of your crafting supplies organised with some wrought iron towel bars. They look awesome in your craft room as well.

10. Gardening

If you love to garden, add some towel bars to your shed to hang your tools.

11. Charging station

You can keep your phone charging with this convenient option. Simply hang the towel bar and a basket.

12. Coffee mugs

If you love coffee, you probably have quite a collection of coffee mugs. Hang some towel bars near your coffee machine and they will be conveniently available.

13. Trash bag holder

Trash bags hung from towel bars under the sink are quite convenient. It saves you space and makes it easy to grab one when you need them.

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