7 Things You Need to Know about BedBugs


Since the time we were young children, we were sent to bed with a saying. “Night night, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.” Although it was a cute saying when we were children, the thought of bedbugs now that we are adults is enough to send us over the edge!

Throughout the world, including in your area, bedbugs are making a devastating comeback. That means that we need to be prepared for the possibility of a bedbug infestation and to be proactive through our education. As they say, the best defense is a good offense and that is certainly true when it comes to these little critters.


Unfortunately, most people are unaware of some of the basics about bedbugs and it can lead to difficulties in some way or another. Here are 7 things that everybody should know about bedbugs but more than likely, you don’t know them yet!

1. Bedbugs Do Not Have Class Distinctions – Most people assume that a bedbug infestation only happens if you are a generally dirty person. The fact of the matter is, bedbugs can end up in any house, regardless of whether it is a single-family home or if you live in an apartment community. Even high-end hotels and mansions on the beach are susceptible to this problem.

2. Bedbugs Can Be on All Furniture – They may carry the name “bedbug” but they aren’t confined to the area of the bedroom. The fact of the matter is, bedbugs can live on any surface, including chairs, sofas, suitcases, behind your switch plates and even on the ceiling.

3. Bedbugs Don’t like Your Body – It is true that bedbugs enjoy biting humans but they aren’t like a tick or lice. After they bite you, they will likely head for the hills to enjoy their meal. Bedbugs do not like heat so they won’t stay close to your body. Unfortunately, they will seek out cooler areas, including luggage, backpacks or your shoes.

4. They Don’t Only Bite at Night – Bedbugs are nocturnal creatures, but they aren’t always out at night. They are not afraid of the light, so keeping the lights on at night will not frighten them. When they are ready to feed, they will feed, regardless of whether it is midnight or high noon.

5. Bedbugs Don’t Spread Disease – If there is a positive aspect to bedbugs, it’s the fact that bedbugs do not spread disease like many other insects that bite humans. You may get infections where they bite you or it could lead to anxiety and insomnia but bedbugs don’t carry illnesses.

6. They Are Not Invincible – Most exterminator companies would like you to believe that bedbugs are nearly impossible to eradicate. Although they can be rather difficult because they like to hide away from the pesticides that are used, they can be killed, just like any other bug. In addition, bedbugs only live for a few months, not for a year. That is a common misconception, and the only time they will typically live for a year is if they are in very cold temperatures.

7. Bedbugs Can’t Fly – Be glad they can’t!

If you think you have a problem with bedbugs, don’t overreact and don’t panic. Keep any of the bugs that you find in a plastic bag and contact an exterminator as soon as possible.

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