6 Brilliant Things To Do At Home And You Will Never See Another Spider Lurking About


Many of us enjoy having houseguests but there are some guests that we don’t want lurking about. I’m talking about insects and spiders, and it can be a real problem in many households. Fortunately, there are things you can do naturally that will help to eliminate this problem once and for all. More than likely, you have tried some commercial products in the past and they may work on a limited basis to repel spiders and bugs.

Unfortunately, they can also cause a number of problems, including the potential for hurting your health and the health of your family. These natural repellents can really make a difference. Not only are they effective, they don’t contain the chemicals that are better avoided.

Citrus – Spiders have a natural hatred of any type of citrus fruit. You can use some lemon essential oil to eliminate the spiders once and for all. You can also rub the peels of citrus fruit, such as oranges or lemons, on areas where the spiders appear.

Cedar – Using cedar can also help to eliminate spiders. You can put blocks of cedar in your cupboards, closets and even around the outside of the home. Cedar hangers can also be purchased and they not only eliminate spiders, they work for moths as well.


White vinegar – It is always a good idea to keep some vinegar around your home, as it can be used for many purposes. The smell of vinegar is also a natural repellent, not only for spiders but for ants and mosquitoes as well. Mix one part vinegar in two parts water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray around your home and your yard to eliminate the critters.

Peppermint – Most people absolutely love the smell of peppermint but spiders hate it. Mix eight drops of essential oil with a few drops of liquid dish soap and put it in a spray bottle full of water. You can add extra peppermint if it isn’t scented enough.

Chestnuts – Any type of tree nut is a natural repellent for spiders. The chemical that makes the scent in a tree nut is one that spiders are not able to tolerate. Put them around the windowsills to solve the problem.

Clean – Finally, make sure that you clean your home clean and keep it clutter free. Vacuum and sweep the floors regularly. Not only will it work to eliminate spiders and bugs, it will make you a lot more comfortable in your home as well.

Don’t forget the outside of the home when doing your regular cleaning. Be sure that it is free of any lawn clippings, sticks or leaves and if you have any gaps leading into the inside of the home, be sure to seal them.

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