Science Has Spoken: Pregnancy Changes Women’s Brains


Nature Neuroscience has published a new study that takes a look at the brain of a woman when they are pregnant. Looking at the gray matter of the brains shows what is being changed and what kind of an impact the pregnancy has on they interpret the intentions, actions and feelings of others. These changes can last for up to 2 years!

The thing about this study is; it doesn’t come as any major surprise to women who have been pregnant. When it comes to new mothers, they tend to focus the majority of their attention on others and are on basic survival mode when it comes to their own needs. Anyone outside of that sweet bundle of new baby they are carrying around, nothing else really matters.

Of course, there is one thing that new mothers agree is important; sleep. It seems to coincide with that little baby, who considers your body to be an all night diner. Other things that seem to matter during that time is having a steady stream of takeout food coming home from our husband and not wetting our pants in public. The feelings of others, unless it is our new baby, just seem to fade off into oblivion.


The study said that they weren’t sure what areas of gray matter were being affected, other than those that have to do with emotional cues and processing faces. Those of us who have babies, however, seem to have a better idea of the affected space.

1. The part of the brain that tells you to wash your hair – It just seems that this goes straight from the top of the priority list. Let’s get a shout out for the messy bun.

2. Your sense of smell – Since both you and the baby will likely be putting off some strong odors, this part of the body seems to be nullified.

3. Politeness for those who want to touch your belly – Yeah, we get it. It’s nice to touch a pregnant belly but just keep your hands to yourself.

4. Our sense of style when trying on a bathing suit – Gone completely.

5. The thing that keeps you from getting annoyed with anyone who doesn’t share your pregnancy enthusiasm – It should be the most fascinating thing in your world too.

6. The part of your brain that lets you enjoy the smell of meat frying – Those of you who have been pregnant will totally get this.

7. The part of your brain that tells you to stop eating nachos with sour cream – Limits? What limits?

8 The part of the brain that would stop you from killing anyone who asks you if you are having twins – Always assume that twins are not part of the picture unless you hear otherwise.

9. The part of the brain that tells you to change your tshirt more than once every 2 weeks – We just don’t seem to care any longer

10. That urge to kill anyone who wants to stop us to tell us their pregnancy horror stories – We don’t need to hear these things from random stranger

11. The part of the brain that cares one iota about hair removal

12. The part of the brain that used to envy perfect post baby pictures – Yeah, it’s called photoshop anyway

13. The area of the brain that could tune out a crying bay – It seems like we will forever feel that twinge of anxiety when a baby starts crying.

14. The ability to focus on anything other than our baby – It is impossible to imagine the times when we didn’t have the youngster in our lives

15. The part of you that holds back from smothering your snoring husband in the middle of the night – When sleep is a luxury, don’t even try to mess around with it. You best start sleeping with one eye open.

These are just a few of the parts of our brains that were affected by pregnancy. When we are pregnant more than once, it just gets worse. our children will take everything from us, our bodies, memories, sleep and even our brains. It’s a good thing they are worth it.

Via: Scary Mummy

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