Her Little Baby Died Minutes After Being Put In A Car Seat. I Had No Idea It Was Possible


As parents, we always strive to do everything we possibly can for the health and safety of our child. From the time they are born and even before, we take extra measures to ensure that everything goes as it should. Unfortunately, there are times when problems do occur and it may sometimes be rather difficult to bear.

That was the case with Shepard Dodd. He was only 11 weeks old when he died in an infant car seat. It is unfortunate that this had to happen but it points out a risk that many parents have no idea is even possible. That is what this article is designed to do, to help you understand the risks and to know the potential problem. You can then take the appropriate measures yourself and pass this on.

Shepard’s parents are sharing the story because they want to ensure that it does not happen again. If they are able to save one baby from this fate, their efforts will be well worth it.


“Shepard was in the home of his licensed daycare provider. Shepard had a runny nose and a little congestion, so when it was time for his nap he was swaddled and placed in his car seat so he could sleep more upright. The straps were left completely unbuckled. While he was sleeping, Shepard’s body shifted and his head fell down into a chin-to-chest position and because he was so young he couldn’t pick his head up to open up his airway. No one noticed in time. He died of asphyxiation.†writes The Car Seat Lady on Facebook.

Car seats are designed for the protection of children while in the car. If they are not properly strapped in and monitored, however, it could present a danger for them. The issue that happened to Shepard is known as positional asphyxiation. Babies don’t have the neck muscles to hold their head up right so if they’re not buckled properly, the chin can fall and cut off their air supply.

Shepard’s parents are lobbying the state legislature to introduce new standards for babies and to warn parents of the danger of letting babies sleep in their car seat.

“It’s not worth getting a little more sleep or 30 minutes more of quiet time,†Derek Dodd said. “It’s just not worth it when it’s as dangerous as it is.â€

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