12 Amazing Reactions Of Your Body When You Eat Eggs


There are many foods that nutritionists consider to be good for you but some achieve a ranking among those that are considered to be super foods. Although most people consider super foods to be fruits and vegetables, and they do dominate the list, there is something else that can be found in that number and that is eggs.

Nutritionists are now saying that it is perfectly fine to add additional eggs to your daily regimen. Not only do they have a lot of nutrients in them, they are rich in amino acids, proteins, antioxidants and iron. Both athletes and not athletes alike can gain muscle by eating additional eggs. It is important, however, that you don’t separate the egg. Eat the yolk and the white. Yokes contain nutrients called choline that fight fat. It may be just what you need to drop a few pounds.

Avoid any eggs that are not organic because they could contain antibiotics, hormones and vaccines. Organic eggs are rated and regulated by the USDA. Eggs also have a different colour, depending upon the type of chicken that lays it. The nutritional value, however, is the same.


The following are 12 reasons why you should be eating more eggs:

1. Last longer: there are 11 amino acids produced within the human body but nine more are needed to function properly. Eggs include all nine of those amino acids. They can help to boost your immune system, fight weakness and fatigue and even improve your hair and skin.

2. Cholesterol: don’t avoid eggs because of cholesterol, be sure you include them in your diet. Eggs have healthy portions of cholesterol.

3. Immune system: eating one or two eggs every day can fight infection, viruses and disease. There is 22% of the RDA of selenium in one egg, and that nutrient regulates your thyroid hormones and strengthens your immunity. Even children can benefit from eating eggs, as the selenium helps in numerous ways.

4. Heart problems: high levels of bad cholesterol attach to the walls of the arteries leading to arterial sclerosis. According to research, the bigger the particles of cholesterol, the better. Eggs can increase LDL particles and that ultimately reduces your risk of heart disease.

5. Brain function: the choline in eggs gives power to the body. It is also necessary for the synthesis of acetylcholine. Nine out of 10 Americans eat less than the RDA of the neurotransmitter. The lack of choline leads to neurological disorders and impaired cognitive function.

6. Teeth and bones: most people tend to be deficient in vitamin D and eggs are one of the rare natural sources of that vitamin. It benefits your skin, teeth and helps to improve the absorption of calcium. This leads the other benefits to your heart, liver and metabolism.

7. Skin and hair: if you are healthy, your skin and hair will look healthy as well. The B2, B5 and B12 in eggs are vitamins that strengthen the hair, eyes and skin. They also have a positive effect on the liver and brain.

8. Eyesight: lutein and zeaxanthin are contained within egg yolks. They reduce your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, two of the major reasons for blindness. The American Journal of clinical nutrition reported that eating egg yolks regularly increases your levels of those nutrients significantly.

9. Weight control: are you trying to lose weight? Eggs should be a part of your diet. They can help you to lose fat. People who ate eggs for breakfast lost 65% more than those who didn’t.

10. Satiated: the protein in eggs help to keep you full and satiated. It reduces your appetite so that you are less likely to snack in between meals.

11. Stress and anxiety: the nine amino acids found in eggs can affect your mental health as well. The National Academy of Sciences did a study in 2004 that showed eggs reduced anxiety and stress by affecting serotonin levels in the nervous system.

12. Energy: the riboflavin and other B vitamins give you energy. They help to convert the food that you eat into fuel. Eating one egg will give you 15% of the RDA of vitamin B2. They boost the energy, tone the body and are good for your health.

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