She Sprayed Perfume One Time And Made It Last All Day


There is nothing quite like wearing your favorite perfume. When you spritz it on in the morning, you smell fantastic and you walk out of the house feeling confident and with a huge smile on your face.

It is a feeling that should last all day but unfortunately, there is a problem.

Most people run into the situation where they smell their perfume in the morning but as the day wears on, the scent disappears.

If you are looking for a way to make your perfume last all day, this is the solution you seek.


First of all, gather the essential items for this tip, your bottle of perfume and some non-scented Vaseline.


Massage Vaseline on to your pulse points, such as those in your neck or wrists. You should then spray the perfume over the area that you just rubbed with Vaseline.

The Vaseline works as a primer for the makeup and locks in the scent so it lasts all day. Most people spray perfume on dry skin but it doesn’t work if you do. Vaseline hydrates the skin and locks the smell in perfectly.

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