9 Ways To Detect A Fake So You Buy The Authentic Perfume Every Time


There are certain things that many of us buy and, although they are rather expensive, we purchase them because we want to feel good about ourselves. One of those items is perfume, and there is such a wide range of options available, but we likely have our favourites.

One problem that is often seen among those who buy perfume is the fact that they purchase a fake rather than purchasing the real item. It can be very difficult to tell the difference and if you buy a knockoff brand, you may be in a bad situation. Not only can it make you feel upset, fake perfume can even be harmful to your health.

There are a number of signs available to help you spot even the most brilliant counterfeits. Here are 9 to keep in mind.

1. Check the Wrapping


Most authentic perfumes will have cellophane that is thick and folded flawlessly. If you see perfume with improperly wrapped cellophane, it might be a counterfeit.

2. Flawless Seams


The plastic wrapping on an authentic perfume will also be very neat. If the seam is uneven, has too much glue or is more than 5 mm wide, it is not likely authentic.

3. Paperboard


Authentic packaging for high quality perfume is designed to protect the bottle from damage. Make sure that the paperboard is white, not grayish.

4. Labels and Inscriptions


Look at the gold circle in the image above. The arrow pointing to the right should always be darker than the arrow pointing to the left. Don’t hesitate to check the manufacturer’s website before purchasing perfume to see if the information matches what is provided on the packaging.

5. Design


You may see certain perfumes on the shelves that look very similar to higher-end perfumes. This is a trick by the manufacturers to protect them from being sued. Inspect the bottle carefully before making your purchase.

6. Colour of the Perfume


High quality perfumes don’t use a lot of die in their products so the colour is typically pale. If it looks more like a chemical colour, it is a sign of a fake perfume.

7. Bottlecap


At authentic perfume bottlecap is perfectly symmetrical unless it is designed otherwise on purpose.

8. Serial Number


The serial number on an authentic perfume will be indicated on the bottom of the bottle. It will not be glued on. The serial number on the bottle should also match the number on the box, which would be imprinted or printed with ink.

9. Bottle


A high quality perfume will also come in a high quality bottle with a smooth surface. A fake perfume bottle is likely to be rough and contoured.

Via: Bright Side

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