14 Three Minute Hairstyles You Will Love


If there is one thing that all of us have experienced, it’s running out the door at the last minute. In fact, some of us tend to do it on a daily basis when we are heading out to work. It can be frustrating, especially if you don’t feel as if you have the time to do your hair properly. After seeing the following 14 styles, however, you will never stress over it again.

The beauty of these hairstyles is that you can put them together in 3 minutes or less. Even though they are done quickly, they still look fantastic. Give them a try and you will find a favorite or two in the list. In fact, you might just love them so much that you use them, even when you have enough time for a more complicated style.

Using a hairpin

Doing curls

Using a thin hairband

For a loose ponytail

Using a broad hairband

A French twist

Be sure to use hairpins to fasten this one together on the ends


Bun and braid combo

A low ponytail with flower

A loose knot

Fasten this one with hairpins.

An alternative bun with braid

Around-the-head braid

Side ponytail

An alternative bun

For a low, horizontal braid

H/T Bright Side

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