11 Curly Hair Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Amazing


If you are fortunate enough to have been born with curly hair, you truly are a special person. You’re also the envy of many women (and men) who have straight hair and would like to have a little body to it. That isn’t to say, however, that curls don’t take work and it certainly requires a lot of TLC.

It would be nice to jump in the shower, towel dry the hair and go about our day but keeping your hair styled can be quite a struggle. If you have curly hair and struggle with it in this way, don’t be discouraged, these brilliant tricks can help keep your hair manageable and looking amazing.

1. Invest in a wide tooth comb


You have probably heard that if you have curly hair, you shouldn’t comb out the curls. There is a time, however, when doing so can be beneficial.

Immediately after getting out of the shower, put product in your hair and comb it through to the roots. It will distribute the product without putting oil directly on the roots. Using a thicker comb is better for curly hair.

2. Try plopping your hair


You should never dry curly hair with a regular towel as it will mess up the hair, resulting in frizz.

If you would like to dry your hair a little, use a T-shirt. The microfibers of T-shirt are more gentle. It is known as plopping and it’s the best way for people with curly hair to dry it.

3. Avoid triangle head


Girls with curly hair recognize that triangle head can be a serious problem. It happens when the bottom of the hair poofs out but the top stays flat. Do you want to avoid it? Use layers upon layers.

4. What type of curl do you have?


The best way to care for your curls is to figure out what type curls you have in the first place.

5. Deep condition


Once a week, deep condition your hair. The easiest way to get started is with a coconut hair mask. They are easy to make and will result in a spa-like treatment for your curls.

6. Use heavy hairclips


If you are the type of person that showers at night, styling your hair the next day can be difficult. Don’t sleep on your wet curls, pin them with heavy-duty clips. Twist each piece of hair before clipping in the morning, you will have dry and perfect curls to work with.

7. Pineapple your hair


A technique known as pineappling is used for dry curls. Flip the curls upside down and secure your hair so it won’t get messed up on the pillow.

8. Pure water


Water purification is more than for drinking, use a special showerhead to purify the water and keep the pH balanced.

9. Grow your hair out


If you have curls, you can grow your hair out. The infographics above can help you to determine how you should grow your hair.

10. How to style curly hair


This is the best technique for styling curly hair. Put product on the bottom three quarters of your hair after you get out of the shower and brush it through with a comb. Flip your hair, loosen the curls and scrunch. As the curls start to form, put a diffuser on a blow dryer and dry your hair upside down. When the curls start to dry correctly, flip your hair up and dry the curls with the diffuser in any style you want.

11. No heat

teenage girl with messy hair and flatiron straightener

Avoid intense heat on your curls. Embrace the texture, learn how to do it properly and it will be absolutely beautiful.

Via: Tip Hero

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